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Construction Workers Top Winter Tips

5th January 2019

Plan ahead 

First thing you can do is check the weather forecast often so you can prepare yourself for the rain, snow or ice. Depending on the weather may determine your clothing and protection.  

It helps to plan ahead and prepare you for the worst.

Be smart, work smart.

Always inspect the site before starting work and making sure it is safe.

Working in cold temperatures for long periods of time may have a massive impact on your health. Make sure you have a dry and warm place you can have frequent breaks. Break your workload into chunks and understand when your next break will be as when you are focusing on the job, you may not be noticing the time or the temperature.

Plan your works and have a schedule.

Look out for other employees and workers

Make sure you look after yourself however also keep an eye out for colleagues. You will want to work as a team and ensure they are having warm breaks too. Proper safety procedures should be in place and despite the weather conditions everyone should be following and working to them.

Looking out for others will massively reduce the chance of injuries and accidents.

The right kit & PPE for the weather

Be sure to take extra steps in ensuring you and colleagues are wearing all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) when winter weather conditions are present.

As you have checked the weather forecast, you should have a good idea on the right kit and elements needed for the day. You should keep an eye out for hypothermia and frostbite. For cold conditions you should consider the following as basics:

  • Safety Boots with grip
  • Coats
  • Gloves (Fingerless if prefered)
  • Hats
  • Insulation underwear and socks
  • Thermo clothing

Emergency kits

Be sure to always carry emergency kits when at work. Your kits should include various items such as de-icing equipment or scraper, tow straps, jump leads, small non-perishable snacks e.g. protein bars & cereal bars, first aid kit, portable phone charger, whistle etc.

You never know what lies ahead so it’s best to have an emergency kit as it may make a massive difference.

Check vehicle and route

Before setting off make sure you know the best route and have checked for accidents and road blocks. Always have a hand held map just in case.

You will want to do a small check on the vehicle to ensure the weather hasn’t had an impact on the normal performance e.g. the vehicle is still safe to use.

Be cautious when driving in snow and ice. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and leave plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles to avoid accidents.

Frostbite and hypothermia are the last thing you want your workers suffering from because they weren’t prepared for the severe weather conditions on site.

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